The Dolphin House, a documentary on John Lilly and Margaret Howe's attempts to communicate with dolphins

When I was a teen seeker and consciousness tweaker, books like John C. Lilly's Man and Dolphin and Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer were my jam. Then his Ketamine use got more extreme (up to 24 injections a day) and his writings became too bizarre and unintelligible even for a space cowboy like myself.

This 45-minute Atrocity Guide documentary looks at Lilly's early work on St. Thomas with Margaret Howe as they attempted to teach dolphins how to speak English. The video also looks at Lilly's sensory deprivation experiments and his increasing use of LSD, and then "Special K," and how his ideas and writings got stranger and stranger as a result.

This comment on YouTube pretty much sums things up:

"So, we've got a lady fornicating with a dolphin, a fellow tripping on LSD in a salt pool in the next room, and the CIA keeping tabs on all of this to see if they can create killer animals. Yep, that's the 60s."

Image: Screengrab