This crazy-cool power station makes assembling power outlets a simple snap away

There's a reason why the Swiss Army knife has been an essential everyday carry item since long before the term EDC was even a thing. It appears to the Boy Scout mentality in all of us, with the utility to pull out a blade, corkscrew, nail file, or practically anything you need at a moment's notice. 

That degree of modularity is comforting, because we always know that whatever the task, items like that give us the flexibility and ingenuity to MacGyver a solution in a pinch.

Everybody has a unique array of devices and power requirements that all but mandate a unique setup for every user. Unfortunately, those needs don't often line up with the immutable constraints of a standard power strip and other preconfigured charging devices.

Therefore, OneAdaptr is only too happy to let folks make their own with the ingenious Stack AC Outlet Surge Protector and USB Charging Module package.

The Stack sockets are kind of like playing with Legos, only for your power supply. This set includes 4 US-configured AC plug outlet modules, as well as a fifth with a pair of USB charging ports. 

From the surge protector base, the Stack comes together exactly the way you want, with the Stack's innovative 4-pin connection system allowing users to link one, two, or as many as five different Stack sockets together into your own custom alignment. The assemblage comes with its own built-in power switch, surge protection features, and an over current circuit breaker for the type of electricity safety any charging center demands.

If you only need one AC plug and a USB connector, create a shortie Stack. Or line up all five in just the positions you want to eliminate too much cord stretching. Beyond this initial five socket set, you can also order additional modules to even further customize your Stack stack, including sockets for TV antennas, satellite dishes, telephones, LAN surge protectors, and more.

This 6-piece Stack outlets and charging system usually cost $44, but right now, you can save over 10% and try out this kit for yourself for only $39.95

Prices subject to change.