This house for sale looks inconspicuous until you see all the creepy mannequins inside

This house in South Lake Tahoe seems pretty ordinary (and a bit of a fixer) until you step into the rooms filled with mannequins. Why are they there, and where did they come from? Most look like they are at a cocktail party of yesteryear, dressed in slinky glittery gowns, but a few scary children and an out-of-place mister is added to the mix for good measure. Advertised on Zillow, the 2,116 square foot duplex is being sold "as is" for $650,000 – it doesn't say whether that includes the mannequins or not. Although not the same as a haunted house, the mannequins could be a plus or a minus depending on what kind of buyer you are. They would be a deterrent for me – I swore them off as a child after watching too many fine mannequin movies, such as The Tourist Trap and the Twilight Zone episode called "The After Hours."

House images from Zillow

Via Nerdist