Video: Police arrest black man for walking home from his Walmart job in the snow

Last week Rodney Reese, an 18-year-old black man, was arrested in Plano, Texas for walking home from his job at Walmart. Police had received a call that a black man with short sleeves was walking through the snow. For that high crime he was "investigated" and then charged with "being a pedestrian in the roadway," according to The Guardian.

When police first stop him, they kindly ask if he needed help. But when he says no, he's fine, they begin to harass him under the guise that they are still trying to help.

From The Guardian:

Reese told KDFW-TV he was walking home from his job at a Walmart and didn't stop for the officers because he didn't need their help.

Officers continued to follow Reese for about two minutes before stopping him, telling him they were "doing an investigation" and informing him that he was being detained.

Reese replied "no" and continued walking but was stopped again. In the video, a brief scuffle is seen as officers attempted to handcuff Reese, who can be heard asking to be released.

According to the Facebook post, the arresting officer noted that Reese resisted arrest but chose not to charge him.

Plano police chief Ed Drain told KDFW-TV the charge was dropped because the arrest wasn't consistent with why officers were called to investigate.

"They should've taken him home, is where he should've gone," Drain said.

This video was released on Facebook by police on Friday.