Meghan McCain wants Dr. Anthony Fauci replaced by someone who "understands science"

Meghan McCain, co-host of The View and daughter of the late Senator John McCain has said some very dumb things during her time on the ABC talk show. But comments she made yesterday about the vaccine roll-out might just be the worst.

McCain is just SO over Dr. Fauci and his careful rhetoric about when America can go back to something resembling normal. She just wants to know when she can do shots with her friends like they're doing in Israel! Here's what the esteemed immunologist Dr. McCain had to say.

"I think the Biden administration should remove him (Dr. Fauci) and put someone in place who maybe does understand science…"

Well, you had a good run, Dr. Fauci. But the author of Dirty Sexy Politics is over you and it's time to move on. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Twitter reacted to McCain's comments in the calm and cool manner it's known for. Just kidding — they torched her.

If you thought Meghan had a moment of self-awareness after the show and realized how incredibly entitled she sounded, you've probably never heard of Meghan McCain until today (you lucky SOB).

But isn't an alter of Fauchi (sic) what Meghan wanted? I don't speak entitlement so it's all very confusing to me. Either way, if Meghan doesn't get her first vaccination soon, I'm sure her Mom, Cindy, will come to the rescue.