This 11-course bundle will teach you how to build a killer Android app

As you scroll through hundreds of apps on the Google Play store, you might feel like every great app idea has already been done. Just remember that good ideas pop up all the time, and there's always something new to be created and explored. To accomplish this as app creator, you'll have to know the tools of the trade in the first place.

If you're ready to take your swing at creating the next big app idea, The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle can chart the course and help you land your vision on the Google Play Store. 

With 40 hours of instruction, these 11 courses can help even the uninitiated unlock the secret to using the latest iteration of Android and all the tools needed to build your dream app. The Complete Android 11 Developer Course sets the stage, introducing users to Kotlin and RecyclerView fundamentals.

You can deepen your Kotlin skills further with Kotlin for Beginners, Master Kotlin: Learn Kotlin to Develop Android Apps. Java is yet another useful programming language in building Android-compliant apps, and courses like Java for Android App Development or Complete Java Masterclass: Become an Android App Developer will help even new learners comfortable with the language.

Once armed with these languages, the other courses in this collection will deepen your understanding of Android OS, covering everything from building fun, modern, and engaging user interfaces to fashioning APIs that efficiently transfer data to and from your app. You'll also learn how to deal with your app's background tasks the right way so that its performance won't be hindered. 

The bundle even closes with a course that puts everything students have learned into action as they Create a Library Management Application in Android Studio

Each course in The Complete Android 11 Developer Bundle usually costs $200 each, but you can grab all 11 courses right now for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.