This weighted blanket can stamp out your sleep troubles, and it's under $50

You've tried everything from mental exercises and relaxations to straight-up pharmaceuticals to combat your debilitating sleep issues. Who would've expected that that one of the best ways to get a sounder sleep was just a bit more weight?

With sales surging and medical findings starting to back up the claims, now's a perfect time to grab yourself a Buzio Weighted Blanket.

Strange as it seems, weighted blankets really do seem to make a difference for those who have trouble logging a deep, restful sleep every night. A therapy item trusted by special needs educators, these heavy blankets have really taken off recently with the general public — and the results appear to be more than just anecdotal. 

A small study by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine last year found people who used weighted blankets reported a 50 percent decrease in the severity of their insomnia after using the blanket for just a month. 

This blanket in particular measures 48-by-72 inches, weighs 15 pounds, and is crafted with an outer layer of 100%, high-quality organic cotton that's incredibly soft and comfortable. The real selling points, however, are the evenly-distributed interior pockets containing tiny, non-toxic hypoallergenic glass beads. 

Those beads give the blanket its weight, providing the firm, yet gentle sensation of being held or hugged, which doctors say triggers relaxation and calm while decreasing the body's production of cortisol, a stress hormone that ramps up anxiety and restlessness.

While you might not think a blanket full of glass beads would be comfortable, over 1,500 Amazon reviewers who gave this blanket a stellar 4.6 out of 5 star rating would likely tell you otherwise. And it's even machine washable for added convenience.

Right now, the 15-pound. Buzio Weighted Blanket is available for only $48.99, almost 20% off its regular price. It's also on sale in a larger 60×80 size ($56.99) or a 20 lb. edition ($69.99).

Prices are subject to change.