Treasure hunters have re-discovered a long lost piece of Henry VIII's crown

Henry VIII went through six wives, themselves later the subject of a delightful musical theatre experience. During the English Civil War, his crown was reportedly melted down by order of the famed imperialist shitbag Oliver Cromwell—but now, some 350 years later, the central figurine to the crown may have been rediscovered by a casual treasure hunter in the English countryside. From BBC:

Mr Duckett, from Fleckney in Leicestershire, found the object within 30 minutes of searching the field in Little Oxendon.

He said he began digging near a pond with unsettled soil around it.

"I dug down, flipped a clod of soil up, and there sticking out was the glint of gold.

"It was startling to see that little figure, as I wiped the soil off it, staring back at me.

"It was quite the incredible moment," the 49-year-old said.

He began his research, and eventually visited Hampton Court Palace, where there is a replica of the crown.

"I was absolutely overwhelmed when I looked at the crown, saw this jewel and realised it was exactly the same [as the one I had discovered].

"It was mind-blowing," Mr Duckett said.

Unearthed figurine 'could be from Henry VIII's crown' [BBC]