How rich do you have to be to make it into the 1 percent?

Will a million dollars get you into the 1% club? Not in most countries? Two million will get you into several European and Asian countries. If you want to be a one-percenter in the United States, you'll need at least $4.4 million.

From NDTV World:

Joining the ranks of the richest 1% is never easy, but it's especially hard in Monaco.

You need to be worth almost $8 million to make the cut in the Mediterranean principality, where residents typically don't pay income taxes, according to research on more than two-dozen locations by Knight Frank.

Switzerland and the U.S. have the next highest entry points, requiring fortunes of $5.1 million and $4.4 million, respectively, according to the property broker's 2021 Wealth Report. In Singapore, $2.9 million will get you over the threshold.

"You can clearly see the influence of tax policy at the top," said Liam Bailey, Knight Frank's global head of research. "Then you have the sheer breadth and depth of the U.S. market."