Intended to solve inequities in vaccine distribution, California's system was abused to vaccinate the white and wealthy

Once again, California fails to get vaccines into the people who need them, even when trying their darnedest.

LA Times:

Public health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer told Los Angeles County supervisors Tuesday that the access-code issue was partly caused by problems with the state's vaccine appointment registration system, My Turn.

"Every time we create what we think is a way to reserve slots, and appointments for the people in the communities that need to get vaccinated the most, the codes get stolen, or they get distributed to other people, and we've got problems," Ferrer said. "But that doesn't mean we can't keep trying."

Some providers have already adjusted their plans based on the propensity for the codes to spread. In Alameda County, school officials decided not to circulate the access codes when they hosted a FEMA mobile vaccination clinic in Hayward last week, according to Alameda County Office of Education spokesperson Michelle Smith McDonald.

The full article describes a number of folks who earnestly tried to ensure they were not taking a vaccine away from someone who needed it, and still the system didn't weed them out.