LA restaurants are closing because bad people abuse food delivery services' refund policies

The Los Angeles Times has an article about restaurants, already suffering from the pandemic, that are losing money because people are ordering food through 3rd-party delivery services and then demanding refunds for one bogus reason or another. When that happens, the low-grade scammers get the food and the restaurant gets stiffed.

Here's one of many infuriating examples from the article:

Koko's Mediterranean Cafe owner Shant Bogharian said he started to notice more people claiming missing order items and requesting refunds through third-party food ordering and delivery services about two months ago. The largest refund request was for more than $140. Bogharian said the reason given for the refund requests is often "change of plans."

"It's insane that someone tries to get a refund maybe 10 minutes after they pick up the order," he said. "It's insulting. We just went through the effort to make the food for this person, they picked it up, then they ask for a refund."