QAnoners prepare for Trump's inauguration on March 4. When it doesn't happen they will become Qnuttier than ever

Years ago I read a book about doomsday cults. I can't remember the title, but one fact stood out. It doesn't matter that cult leaders are always wrong about predicting that an important event will occur on a certain date. In fact, failed predictions make the followers more devoted to the cult than before.

QAnoners think Trump is going to be sworn in as the President of the United States on March 4. Their reasoning as to why is boring and dumb. When nothing happens that day, the Qnuts will come up with a boring and dumb reason that makes sense to them and "proves" they were right all along.

From Vox:

It's unclear what will happen to QAnon once March 4 passes without the coup they have predicted coming to fruition. The movement could find itself increasingly shedding followers, who might be amenable to recruitment by white supremacist and far-right militia groups that share a common enemy in Democrats and political elites broadly. But it's likely that the movement will not crumble entirely given that following it in the first place has required adherents to push aside any cognitive dissonance.

"Conspiracies always have a way to explain out of what's happening, because the whole point is different versions of reality," Amy Iandiorio, an investigative researcher at the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism, said.