Should mainstream media invite the GQP on their shows? Yes, says Meidas Touch host, and this is how

When Ben Meiselas of the Meidas Touch Podcast tried to watch the Sunday news, he says "it was like a fucking Greatest Hits of all the Big Lie Trump supporters who all of the mainstream media brought on and basically let them spew these lies unchecked."

Meiselas says he's all for the media sharing the views of the QAnon-inspired far-right, "but if you want to have the crazy views … you gotta say, 'Excuse me, sir! Let me interrupt you there." And then when said crazy-thinker tries to interject with delusional Newspeak, you have to say, "No, no, shut the fuck up!"

He proceeds to explain exactly how the media should prepare for and deal with GQP guests – which is probably a lot easier said than done.