Video: Professor in California berates a student because she is hard of hearing

Michael Abram, a professor at Oxnard College in California, berated a student in a physiology class who is hard of hearing because she didn't immediately answer him. When another student tried to defend her, explaining that she is hard of hearing, he responded, "She's not paying attention, she's not trying." He is now under investigation for his insensitive and vile behavior, and was put on paid administration leave.

From CNN:

Sarah Rand, a student in Abram's class, took the original video that was then posted on TikTok by someone she described as a family friend.

Rand told CNN she took the video with the intention of sending it to administrators to show the behavior and commentary she said she and other students have seen during Abram's classes this semester.

When asked at a press briefing Monday whether any prior complaints were made against Abram, administrators said they couldn't comment because that is part of the investigation.