13 courses that will teach you American Sign Language for just $35

English and Spanish top the list as the first and second most used languages in the United States, but what's the third? As your mind sprints through options like French, Chinese, or Japanese, there's a good chance you might not nail it on the first try.

According to expert Trudy Suggs, the third most used language in the United States is now very likely American Sign Language. If that comes as a surprise, you should know that 28 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss, accounting for about 10 percent of the U.S. population. That means the need for ASL-conversant individuals has never been higher.

Whether you want to learn how to communicate with a loved one with hearing loss, or if you just want to expand your business skills in order to reach more people, the training in The All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle is a perfect starting point.

The collection features 13 courses packed with nearly 30 hours of training that can carry students from a basic understanding of ASL up to fluency.

The American Sign Language: Beginner course is a solid foundation for all skill levels, even if you barely know how to make an OK symbol. It includes instruction in how the language began, the ASL alphabet, finger-spelling, and basic concepts like colors, animals, foods and drinks, feelings, professions, and more.

While that's an effective primer, American Sign Language for Business: Beginner brings ASL into a professional setting. In addition to the fundamentals, this training expands your vocabulary to include basic business terminology and expressions like hand shapes, salutations, and common office terms.

From there, you can delve into all kinds of specific training to broaden your understanding and communication abilities. This includes covering topics like family words and pronouns, numbers, verbs, proper grammar, emotions, and even how to respond to a personality Q&A. 

The training in The All-in-One American Sign Language Bundle is over $600 in value, but right now, all 13 courses are available for just $34.99, or less than $3 each..

Prices are subject to change.