Facebook removes congresswoman's pro-Trans post as "hate speech"

Congresswoman Marie Newman (D-Il.) put up a transgender flag outside her office and posted pictures of it to social media to signal her support for the trans community. On the other side of the aisle, congresswoman and far-right conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), posted herself slapping up a corresponding anti-Trans poster ("There are TWO genders; Male and Female") outside her own office.

Facebook removed Newman's post, saying it contravened their rules on "hate speech". But it let Marjorie Taylor Greene's post stay up.

"Facebook took down our video of me putting up the Transgender flag outside my office and labeled it as "hate speech." Meanwhile, they're still allowing Marjorie Taylor Greene's transphobic video to be posted," Newman wrote on Twitter. "Supporting transgender Americans is NOT hate speech."

Only after a furore erupted—led by public complaints by the congresswoman herself—did Facebook reverse its decision.

More than three hours after we first reached out to Facebook asking for an explanation on why they took down our video, they have now reposted it on our page. Facebook said it was "removed in error" and that they are still reviewing the case.

Facebook must be destroyed.