Breathtaking meteor lights up Canadian skies

Doorbell cam and dashboard cam owners got a celestial treat last week as their devices caught a visitor from space rapidly dropping to Earth.

via CTV News:

University of Calgary planetary scientist Alan Hildebrandt told CTV he estimates the size of the meteor that caused the fireball was about the "size of a beachball", and said the fact it burned out very quickly may mean there may be little debris left to find.

But U of A space researcher Patrick Hill hasn't ruled it out just yet

"We're hopeful in a couple days we should have some information," said Hill who helps manage a network of cameras across North America that monitor the sky for meteors. "There's numerous different scientific questions that we can answer through these investigations. But to do that, being able to retrieve the rocks as soon as possible is optimal."

Hill says freshly fallen meteors usually look different than the surrounding rocks in the landscape.

"Meteorites are denser than average rock, so they should have good heft to them. They can also be magnetic," said Hill. "They are usually dark brown and black, and they can be smooth on their exterior due to gas that is a result of it entering and passing through the atmosphere. "