I can't wait for Tim Hunkin's "The Secret Life of Components" video series

I'm a long-time Tim Hunkin fan. He's a broad-spectrum enthusiast and maker of things. He runs two coin-op amusement arcades with whimsical handmade machines of his own creation. He also drew a long-running thing-explainer comic strip called Almost Everything There is To Know, and produced and starred in a British TV series called The Secret Life of Machines. I just read on the Make blog that Tim has an upcoming series called The Secret Life of Components:

The Secret Life of Machines alum Tim Hunkin is set to unveil a new web series focusing on explaining basic components, called The Secret Life of Components. Each roughly 45 minute episode will focus on a different technology, from glue to switches to bearings and more.

Hunkin says, "I now learn a lot from watching practical YouTube videos and realize they can teach the sort of informal tips that used to be part of traditional apprenticeships."

Part of what made The Secret Life of Machines so compelling was the way that Hunkin, like many great teachers, combined his engineering knowledge with strong storytelling. It'll be exciting to see what he has in store for the new series.

The Secret Life of Components debuts March 3 on Hunkin's YouTube channel.