Ineligible folk joined 'One Medical' just to jump the vaccine line

On the one hand 'vaccine hesitancy' is supposedly going to undermine our efforts to 'get back to normal.' On the other foot, we have folks willing to egregiously ignore the system designed to most quickly and effectively return us to that normal, so desperate they are to get that jab.

NBC Bay Area:

One Medical is a membership-based healthcare practice – anyone can join. After partnering with SFDPH, it started administering vaccines to its own eligible participants and members of the public who were referred by the county as a temporary One Medical member.

Before receiving this information, the Investigative Unit received reports of people paying the standard $200 membership fee just to take advantage of One Medical's easy-to-book vaccine appointment system. In some cases, the individuals said they did not live in San Francisco. Some said they already had other health care providers.

After reviewing One Medical's response, the county said the organization had vaccinated people who were "under 65 ​​who self-identified as Phase 1a Health Care Workers, but were not IHSS workers, DPH referrals, or One Medical healthcare worker employees."