Kansas cops barged into a house without getting a warrant, then lied about it

Police in Leavenworth, Kansas, checking into an illegally-parked trailer, barged into the owner's house, guns drawn, and searched it without getting a warrant. Then the officers lied in their police reports about how they got into the dwelling, falsely claiming the door was ajar. Footage from a security camera turned up with the truth.

Robert Ennest wants to know how a call for an illegally parked trailer turned into Leavenworth police drawing firearms and letting themselves in a house when the owners were not there. 

Ennest said his 12-year-old daughter was the only one home. They believe she was outside with neighbors when police were scoping out the property. 

"It's traumatizing that my little girl's home and I'm not there," Ennest said. "Now she's scared. She called me crying."

No search warrant, no probable cause, and police clearly looking for trouble. Another thing to consider is that the officers had to imply that the child was lying so they could maintain their own deception.

This was in March 2020 and nothing came of it. The best locals can hope for, realistically speaking, is that these cops ended up on the D.A.'s Brady List.