Lamps that look like Jell-O molds of yore

Ceci n'est pas une Jell-O mold

That's not chipped beef aspic, it's resin, glitter, and fake foods!  I nearly fell over myself when I first saw Elrod's Mexakitsch collection. This Bay Area artist's Jell-O molds are actually lamps, and really fantastic ones at that.

Most of the pieces below are already sold but, on Sunday, February 28 at noon, she's going to be releasing some smaller parfait sculptures. Some light up, some don't. She also happy to do commissions. Methinks my grandmother's party go-to, orange Jell-O mold filled with pineapple tidbits and carrot strips topped with spicy mayo (yuk), may need to be immortalized in resin.  

Lemon Lime Jell-O Lamp
Spaghetti-Os Gelatin Table Lamp
Franks 'n' Veggies Aspic Lamp
Fruit Cocktail Sunrise Salad Lamp

She also made this clock:

Deviled eggs clock
The artist with her "Chipped Beef Aspic"

(Pee-wee Herman)

photos by Elrod/Mexakitsch, used with permission