This app offers the anxiety relief you need to win against panic attacks

Panic attacks are no joke. They're deliberating, scary, and potentially dangerous. The heart starts pounding, breathing becomes strained, and the fear is palpable and very real. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in America, affecting up to 40 million adults. Although people who experience anxiety visit a doctor 3 to 5 times more frequently than others, less than 40 percent of them actually seek help for their anxiety.

While there are loads of self-help methods to help those who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, there aren't many that are created to jump in and offer assistance during the most vulnerable moment, which is right in the middle of an attack. The Rootd Anxiety and Meditation app was crafted with these moments in mind, engineered to help guide you through an attack and work on skills that will help make those episodes a thing of the past.

Rootd's interface is kept as simple as possible, which is crucial in moments of crisis. When members feel an attack happening, all they have to do is hit the big red button in the Rootd app. Rootd's calm, information-based approach can either help relieve users from their fear, or in extreme cases, instantly call a preset emergency contact or mental health hotline to offer much needed support.

By using Rootd, users can begin to stamp out their fears and gain the confidence they need to return to school or work, all while tearing down feelings of isolation. The app can also help people who experience anxiety against future attacks using a range of therapist-approved exercises. 

By learning about where anxiety comes from, how bodies and minds experience panic attacks, and why they might happen, users develop short-term answers to provide relief. Meanwhile, for those who stick with the training, these lessons can instill permanent changes in dealing with anxiety while inching towards a panic-free life. 

A $149 value, you can get a lifetime subscription to the Rootd Anxiety and Meditation app right now for just $59.99, a savings of 60 percent.

Prices subject to change.