Get started on a UI/UX design career with this training package

Want to reprint a famous author's writing on your website? You could get sued. Dropped a clip from a TV show or movie into your YouTube video? You could get sued. Have almost any identifiable song playing in the background of your Facebook video? Heck, you probably won't get sued… but that's only because Facebook will automatically take the whole video down within minutes of your posting.

And If you're an app or software designer, there are even design patterns you can't use because Netflix or Google beat you to it, and they have the patents to prove it. If you design a button that looks and works too much like Amazon's Dash button, or you build a geo-tracking map that operates too much like Lyft's overhead pickup animation, you could soon find yourself fielding a cease and desist letter. 

There's a lot to consider when building a user interface or defining a user experience, and The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle can help young app designers learn the rules of the creative road. Led by instructor and digital entrepreneur, Juan Galvan, this collection includes nine courses that explore on how to design engaging, efficient apps with an eye toward both practical function and aesthetic form.

As a primer, the Introduction to the Web Industry course gives newbies the lay of the land, featuring breakdowns on the specific phases of a successful web development project, how to define roles and responsibilities among team members, and some proven winning structures for shepherding a project from idea through to its completion. 

Students get the flipside of those forged industry templates with The Foundations of Graphic Design. Here, Galvan explains why the look and feel of a web development project really matters, covering what the use of various colors, fonts, icons, and basic graphic design tools contribute to your work through practical, hands-on exercises.

Meanwhile, a trio of courses then cover how to create effective interfaces that users love, the design flourishes that elevate your app into something truly special, and how to optimize both sides of that equation into a winning final product. 

From building sales funnels and beginning your UI/UX career to starting your own web design business, this bundle offers a 360-degree view on this in-demand skill set.

Regularly valued at $1,800, all the courses in The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle are on sale now at $34.99, less than $4 per course.

Prices subject to change.