Pre-order Super Magical Forest from Revival Press

Like rolling the 20-sided die while watching Hanna-Barbera shows on a Saturday morning, Rocktober's Jake Austen describes the upcoming graphic novel Super Magical Forest from Revival Press as "Yogi Bear meets Lord of the Rings". The thing I like about this book is Ansis Purins' wonderful illustrations. The economical use of color and the way he is able to depict utter chaos with confident line work is delightful.

"Twit Leaf the Elf's day job is picking berries in the Magic Forest, deep within a busy national state park. He'd rather be a mighty warrior elf like his grandpa was. One day he wanders into the picnic area and finds a mysterious glowing box that some humans left behind. Suddenly he's tasked with the heroic quest he always wanted! He is to return the vexing talisman to the shadowy Wizard who resides by the visitor center."

– Via the Revival Press website

Pre-order a copy here.