These STEM learning kits will prime your kids' creativity and ingenuity

For a kid, STEM has almost become like eating your vegetables or cleaning your pet's litter box. Your parents might say it's necessary, but that doesn't mean you'll to enjoy it. But like many ideas that take root in a young mind, they aren't always correct. The reality is that STEM and STEM-related activities aren't always about boring study or laborious learning. Sometimes, it's actually proof that the world of science and technology can be incredibly fun and very, very cool.

Kids can get a taste of that uber-fun side of STEM toys with this STEM Starter Bundle, including a pair of Twin Science technology boxes aimed at engaging both creativity and ingenuity in kids ages 5 to 10.

For younger kids, the Robotic Art Kit combines every child's innate creative energy with an interest in gadgetry to meld the worlds of design and technology. Created for kids between ages 5 and 8, this box packs in all kinds of projects that challenge a child's artistic growth while having them incorporate basic tech building blocks to achieving their goals.

Kids can combine a power source, a fan, and a slide dimmer switch with traditional paints, markets, construction paper, and other key creative elements to make art in a whole new way. From creating spin art, to crafting their own confetti cannon, to cleaning it up with a self-made vacuum, this simple project package will engage a child's creativity and encourage them to apply their curiosity in a whole new way.

Speaking of curiosity, the explorations continue with the well-named Curiosity Kit. This collection, created for children ages 7 to 10, builds off the basics of the Robotic Art Kit with a host of new, more advanced projects to further challenge their expanding minds. 

With no robotic knowledge needed, no welding or other dangerous operations required, and even a compatibility with building toys like Legos to maximize the building potential, the Curiosity Kit is bound to spark a child's interest. 

With 15 different DIY experiments inside, kids can build a smart security system to protect a piggy bank from thieves, a proximity sensor to keep toy cars from collisions, a buzzer machine to understand how Morse Code works, and more.

Regularly priced at $119, you can get both of these STEM Starter kits now at a third off, cutting your price for both to only $79.99

Prices subject to change.