Video: Cop unfairly grabs Black woman instead of white anti-masker who was harassing her

An angry white anti-masker at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was harassing everyone around her (:30), cussing and calling them stupid for wearing masks. She then approaches a Black couple, and immediately a cop rushes over, grabs the Black woman's arm and begins to pull her away. It isn't until the crowd (who is screaming that he has the wrong person) finally gets through to him, that he realizes it was actually the white woman who was causing the trouble.

From Daily Dot:

According to reports, it took roughly 13 seconds for the officer to stop pawing at the Black woman and instead turn his attention on the white woman who had been disturbing the peace the entire time.

The woman who was originally targeted by police believes she was a victim of racial profiling, while the Metropolitan Airports Commission insists that the officer was simply acting on information he had been given by another bystander.

"In the confusion of the moment and based on his understanding of information provided to him by a passenger present, the officer misidentified who had initiated the disturbance and engaged one of the two individuals whom [the woman] had confronted," it said in a statement to KARE 11. "Bystanders corrected the officer who quickly turned his attention on [the woman]."

The white woman was eventually arrested for "possession of drugs, obstruction, and disorderly conduct," according to Daily Dot.