Early raves for Stargrave, the spaced-out sibling of Frostgrave

I'm starting to get very excited to get my hands on Stargrave, the new sci-fi skirmish game by Joseph McCullough. Joe is the creator of the fantasy miniatures skirmish game, Frostgrave, one of my favorite mini games over the past five years.

Like Frostgrave, in Stargrave, you put together a small warband of fighters and go up against another warband (either another player or in solo mode). Like Frostgrave, Stargrave is miniatures-agnostic, so you can use any suitable sci-fi minis in constructing your warband.

In Frostgrave, your band, led by a wizard and an apprentice, set off on adventures in a frozen, ruined city, call Falstad. You fight other warbands and monsters to gain treasure, magical items, and in achieving set objectives.

Stargrave takes place in the aftermath of a galactic war that has left many planets, ships, and space stations in ruins. The entire galaxy is your Felstad, as you and your band of freebooters, relic hunters, freedom fighters, mercenaries, etc. explore these galactic ruins in search of fame, fortune, and spare robot parts.

An adventure supplement, called Quarantine 37, has already been announced for fall release and North Star Military Figures is developing a line of multipart miniatures boxed sets for the game.

I'll try and get my end effectors on a copy of Stargrave and do a full review soon. The game is scheduled for a April 27 release.

Image: Cover art inset