Six key steps for getting kids to sleep

By the time bedtime rolls around, parents are exhausted. However, their children do everything in their power to extend the day, which leads to more stress for the entire family. A study involving 59 British experts from a range of disciplines found that there are six key parts of achieving a successful bedtime routine for children between two and eight years old. They are:  

Brushing teeth before bed.

Time consistency for going to bed.

Book reading before bed.

Avoiding food/drinks before bed.

Avoiding use of electronic devices before bed.

Calming activities with the child before bed, including bath, shower and talking.

However, you don't have to have all six to be successful—if you're lucky. And from experience, I can tell you that even when you have all six factors consistently, you still won't have a smooth experience every night. Read more about this research at The Guardian.

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