The first permitted 3D-printed house is now for sale in New York state

Riverhead, New York is on the east side of Long Island, not far from the Hamptons. And there you can buy a 3-bedroom, 2-bath house for $300,000—about half of the average new home cost in the area—that was entirely 3D-printed.

From CNN:

The company can set up its Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS) at a build site in six to eight hours. It then lays concrete layer by layer, creating footing, the foundation of a house and the interior and exterior walls of the structure.

The architects, SQ4D, had this to say:

The home is 1900 square feet and took only forty eight hours of print time, over an eight day period. The home was entirely printed and built onsite using less than $6000 in materials. Future print-time is expected to be cut in half on their next projects, due to ARCS enhancements implemented post construction.

ARCS is a patent pending technology that robotically builds foundations, exterior walls, interior walls, utility conduits and more. This digital driven system reduces labor to as little as 3 people, accounting for up to 41% of the total construction of a home. ARCS low-power consumption technology allows homes and buildings to be built using far less energy than needed in traditional construction methods, creating an environmentally friendly impact.


SQ4D will be including a 50-year limited warranty on their 3D printed structures. SQ4D is a pioneer in the Construction Technology industry and developed its patent-pending ARCS technology to robotically build the footings, foundations, interior and exterior walls on site of their homes. SQ4D's proprietary hardware and software enables the construction site to be safer while creating eco-friendly concrete homes compared to traditional wood-frame construction at a fraction of the cost.

A 3D printed house is for sale in New York. Builders say it will cut housing construction costs [Cole Higgins / CNN]