Turn any shower into a luxury experience with this jumbo showerhead

Did you know young people spend more time on average in the shower than older age groups? It's true. In fact, 18-to-24-year-olds routinely log more than 13 minutes under their showerheadduring each shower, as opposed to the much more concise 8 minutes for those 55 and over. Considering the average person takes almost 7 showers a week, that works out to over 75 hours of time in the shower each year for those on the high end. And if you're going to spend 75 hours a year anywhere, it better end up being someplace you actually enjoy.

Of course, inconsistent pressure, ultra tight sprays, and a host of other showerhead issues can wash some of the luster off the entire experience. Instead, the Clear Showerhead XL brings so many things right to shower time that you may start pushing the upper boundary of those 75 annual hours.

First off, the Showerhead XL almost isn't even a showerhead at all. It's probably more appropriate to call this your own mountable shower wall, boasting an 18-by-9-inch adjustable acrylic glass face marked with 276 evenly placed holes that offer an extra wide spraying surface. In addition to creating a water spray field to envelop your whole body, each hole is precision drilled with a circular vortex trajectory, creating a shower that's perfectly pressurized to never be too hard or too soft.

The Showerhead XL can be installed in about a minute and fits all standard shower and plumbing fixtures with the included special ball joint. You can turn the head vertically or horizontally to create the spray pattern you want, and it never requires any special cleaning.

Rather than the functional, but often uncomfortable drip-drip of a conventional showerhead, the Showerhead XL feels like you're showering at one of those fancy hotels, delivering a full body experience that's a lot cheaper than you'd expect.

Regularly $149, the Clear Showerhead XL is now more than 16 percent off with this offer, available for only $124.99.

Prices are subject to change.