D&D dumps controversial league play character creation rule

Breaking nerd news from ComicBook.com:

Dungeons & Dragons will be a bit different when gameplay finally returns to game stores and other organized play venues, thanks to a change in Adventurer's League rules. Earlier this week, the Adventurer's League administrative team announced that players would no longer be constrained to the "PHB+1" rule that dictated character creation in previous years. This rule stated that characters could only build characters using races and subclasses found in the Player's Handbook plus one other source of the player's choosing.

This rule was originally intended to maintain character balance, as playtesting of new options was typically conducted assuming that players only owned a Player's Handbook. However, this had the effect of severely hampering players when it came to what sort of characters they wanted to build when making a character for Adventurer's League play. Although this rule change won't effect D&D players who spend their time in home campaigns, it is a big change for the thousands of players who play at stores or in conventions.

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