Gentleman has huge fit when denied at Trader Joe's for mask rules, muscles his way inside anyway

An angry gentleman channels his inner Karen at a Trader Joe's in Texas when an employee won't let both his kids in without wearing masks. He, too, is unmasked, but is using the ol' Karen line of having a disability – which may or may not be true, but that is beside the point. Apparently TJ's is okay with letting him in because of said "disability," but their rule only allows one unmasked child in per family, and he of course has two.

Complaining that he's being "held hostage" by Trader Joe's "against his will," he holds the TJ employee hostage with an exhausting rant, saying, "You're violating the law. You're harassing me and discriminating against me because of my disability," and "I don't get this anywhere else I go in Texas," and "It is reprehensible behavior to make a child feel they should be wearing a mask when there's nothing wrong with them," and "Would you turn someone away for their race or religion, or their beliefs, or anything else like that?" 

The man then videotapes himself furiously shopping in the market, getting angrier and angrier as he speaks to an employee. "I'm in utter shock and disbelief right now!" he says to the camera. He then preaches to the cashier, and to everyone around him, ranting about Covid, before he finally leaves. Phew!

Via Daily Dot

Update: the instagram video was taken down. We've replaced it with a YouTube embed.