The SmartMike+ is a wireless stereo mic that makes smartphone audio sound amazing

While the process of recording everything from a vlog to a musical performance has definitely seen some huge improvements since the advent of the smartphone, that, by no stretch, means that we've worked out all the kinks quite yet.

Because, while devices like the iPhone have constantly ramped up the video quality, capable of capturing gorgeous, crystal-clear HD video, your phone's audio recording features haven't kept pace and leave a lot to be desired. With the SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic, you can instantly elevate the quality of your audio recordings, eliminating all the hassle of ambient room noise and recording sound that lives up to the quality of your images.

A 2020 CES Innovation Award winner, the SmartMike+ from SabineTek is the world's first Bluetooth stereo mic, a lavalier style device that attaches a high-sensitivity microphone to your subject and wirelessly feeds that sound to your phone and lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge. 

When fed through the SmartMike+ app, users get improved sound synced to their video as the multi-level noise-cancellation algorithm blocks surrounding noise and hones in on authentic sound, even if they're recording in a noisy environment. It's particularly helpful if you do any live-streaming, as the full band audio, more than 6 times the frequency of conventional mono microphones, delivers real-time auto-sync and multi-channel mixing, so shooters can synchronize background music and a human voice in real-time.

For all the improvements this mini, lightweight mic can bring to your video shoots, creators can take up their audio game even further by also grabbing a SabineTek Unidirectional Mic Add-on. Connecting to the SmartMike+ via the 3.5mm jack, the Add-on records an even tighter range of sound, pinpointing all sound from the front while rejecting noise from other directions. From speeches and online courses to YouTube recording or gaming, this addition makes it even easier to focus on the clarity of your subject without all the background clatter getting in the way.

Right now, you can take an extra $14 off the already discounted price of the SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic by entering the code MICROPHONE14 during checkout. That drives the final price down to just $125. Meanwhile, you can also use the code MICROPHONE9 to save $9 off the price of the Unidirectional Mic Add-on, cutting the total to $30.99.

Prices subject to change.