Truebill can help get your off-track finances back on track

TLDR: From canceling forgotten subscription fees to renegotiating your bills to a complete budgeting planner, Truebill is a full-service financial management app that works.

If you've ever had to cancel a compromised credit card, you likely noticed various accounts and subscriptions linked to that card — including a few you had undoubtedly forgotten about entirely. You'd never have known you were still being billed $7.95 a month for that streaming service or $14.99 a year for that magazine subscription. And you wouldn't be alone. The average American is shelling out about $200 a month in subscription costs, even though they think they're only paying about $80.

Getting a handle on all those automated charges is just one of the benefits of hooking up with Truebill, an effective, reliable personal finance manager that presents you with a 360-degree view of your financial status at all times.

Truebill's system helps users shed light on where every penny is going so they can take firmer control of their finances and improve their overall fiscal health.

Truebill's status as your personal financial control center starts with all those dodgy subscriptions nickel and diming you. Once your accounts are in Truebill's system, it gets down to business, identifying recurring expenses, notifying users of upcoming bills, and even canceling unwanted subscriptions for you.

And speaking of those bills, most people don't realize that they could be paying less on monthly expenses like their phone, cable, and credit card bills, and even utility costs. Once you connect those accounts or even snap a picture of one of your bills, they're fair game for Truebill. 

Its expert negotiators start looking for any hidden deals or promo offers that can be applied to your account, then actually haggle with the company to get you a lower rate. You keep the same services you already enjoy, expect Truebill gets them for you even cheaper. It's all part of Truebill's robust support team, who stand ready to help customers 24/7.

Finally, Truebill also offers a big picture look at your finances, bringing a load of budgeting features together so users can craft a customized budget plan that works for them and their needs.

Users can categorize all their spending, track their most frequent expenses, and see it all represented in easy-to-follow visuals that stack your earnings against what you spend. You can also set particular savings goals, which can either help you build toward retirement or more specific short-term goals like a new car or a summer vacation. Truebill can even take that responsibility out of your hands and just move part of your money directly into savings from each paycheck so you're never tempted to spend it instead.

Right now, you can head over to the website and open up your Truebill account today to see how much your new personal finance manager can save for you.

Prices are subject to change.