In dramatic video, a toddler falls from a 12th floor balcony. (A delivery driver comes to the rescue)

A terrifying scene caught on video shows a three-year-old girl in Vietnam dangling from a 12th floor balcony rail. Panicked neighbors are heard screaming, and in a horrific moment, the girl drops. What we don't see is a delivery driver, who had been sitting in his car, according to Daily Dot, when he heard screaming all around him. He stepped out of his car, saw the child, climbed onto a flimsy metal roof, and managed to catch her, saving her life. She was rushed to the hospital and survived the accident with only a dislocated hip.

From Daily Dot:

According to VnExpress, 31-year-old delivery driver Nguyen Ngoc Manh was sitting in his car and rolled down his windows when he heard screaming. 

In a video posted to Facebook, Manh climbs onto a thin metal roof as he gazes upwards, assessing where the girl might land. "Everything happened within a minute," Manh said. "I didn't understand how I could scale the roof that quickly."

Just moments before the girl loses her grip on the railing, Manh's foot slips on the crooked roof, and he extends his arms out to catch the child. The toddler bounces a few feet into the air on the roof before Manh picks her up. She's then whisked to the hospital.