Pawp is true pet protection — with an instant $3,000 safety shield from crippling vet bills.

The excitement of bringing a new pet into your home, particularly an indescribably cute kitten or puppy, is intoxicating. Between welcoming the new family member and enjoying all that youthful energy around your house, it's easy not to think about some of the other immediate considerations surrounding pet ownership.

But those realities will appear, likely sooner rather than later. And the place you'll often notice it almost immediately is in your wallet.

According to the APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67 percent of U.S. households own a pet, covering about 85 million homes. When asked about the cost of owning a dog or cat, most thought the total during the first year would be between $500 and $1,000. Almost 1 in 5 thought it would be less than $500.

However, the average cost of having a pet during their first year is actually over $1,000. And while you can find deals on food and grooming, your pet ownership costs often mount from a place that your pet least wants to visit — the vet.

81 percent of pet parents spend up to $500 on vet visits in the first year of having a puppy alone. But when an emergency happens, the financial impact can be staggering. Bloodwork can cost up to $200. X-rays…$250. Ultrasound…$600. And if any maladies require hospitalization or surgery, you're likely looking at anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to $3,500 or more…for each.

Considering 40 percent of Americans can't come up with $400 to handle an emergency, it doesn't take much for a pet's medical situation to become a crushing financial blow.

You need pet protection

For pet parents in a bind, there's no more heartbreaking moment than trying to decide if you can literally afford a trip to a vet clinic when your dog or cat may be ailing. In those horrible moments, Pawp can be a truly life-saving pet insurance alternative that's both preventative care as well as financial security if your dog or cat does need treatment.

Rather than shuttling your pet into a travel carrier and heading to your nearby veterinary clinic, a Pawp membership offers unlimited 24/7/365 access to an online vet via text, call or video chat so they can immediately assess your pet and recommend a course of action. 

For just $19 a month, Pawp covers up to six pets in your house, regardless of their age, breed, or medical history. While Pawp isn't a substitute for your friendly neighborhood vet, it can certainly cut down on unnecessary — and expensive — clinic visits. Within five minutes, you can be talk to a vet online who can tell you what might be going on with your pet and let you know whether it's no big deal or something that requires in-person care.

Would $3,000 help?

And so what happens if you need to take your dog or cat to the vet's office and you're short on cash?

That can sometimes lead to one of the most excruciating moments a pet owner can ever face: making the choice to put their dog or cat down because they don't have the money to pay for their care. You might be shocked to learn that horrible choice is actually the reason behind up to two-thirds of the cases of pet euthanasia that happen every day.

Pawp wants to make sure no one ever ends up in that position.

With a Pawp membership, pet owners are entitled to up to $3,000 in emergency funds to be used at the clinic of their choice one time per year. That money comes with no out-of-pocket expenses and no worries about paying it back. And unlike most traditional pet insurance policies, Pawp covers emergencies that are related to preexisting conditions. 

When you get the invoice after treatment, you can just ask the receptionist or vet tech to call the Pawp hotline so they can go over the charges. After Pawp's review, they'll provide the payment up to $3,000 before you even leave the clinic.

It's the ultimate pet parent safety net to make sure an unexpected vet bill doesn't wreck your wallet or cost an animal its life.

Pawp is peace of mind

All it takes is a trip to the Pawp website to get your pet protection plan underway for just $19 a month. Once you answer a few questions, you can get your policy activated, with your emergency protections kicking in after fourteen days. It's the ultimate move for a responsible pet owner looking to provide the best possible care for both their dog or cat as well as their own financial health.

Prices are subject to change.