QAnon cultists are in a tizzy over maps that don't have "D.C." after Washington

It's official: the U.S. capital has been "dissolved." This breaking news is brought to you by the gentlefolk of QAnon. How did they learn that Washington D.C. no longer exists? Because one of their crack researchers looked at a Google map, and the letters "D.C." don't follow "Washington." And therefore, cogito ipso ergo sum pluribus facto unum — dissolved!

From Newsweek:

"Did maps always just say Washington? Thought it said Washington DC?," asked a user called @GhostEzra on the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

Another user replied on @GhostEzra's channel—which has more than 214,000 subscribers and is popular with QAnon followers—writing: "I just searched Washington DC on my iPhone Apple Maps & it just shows Washington, no DC. This is the same for Google maps & mapquest.

"DC is dissolved."

Yep, you've got to wake up pretty early in the morning to fool a Qanoner.

[thanks, Patrick!]