Remote, Oregon may soon have the best job market in the United States

Remote, Oregon is a tiny, rural unincorporated area near where Sandy Creek meets the Middle Fork Coquille River. Above is a photo of Remote's post office, store, and gas station. Remote, Oregon is also a white hot job market. Why? When employers list a job location as "remote," meaning you can work from anywhere, some job listing aggregators misidentify that word as a place and erroneously match it to Remote, Oregon. From BNet:

So, I think it's safe to assume that any job listing for Remote, Oregon, is just a remote job that the scraper misinterpreted. Unless thousands of companies are all operating out of one of the three buildings in the small town nobody drives through any more because of the highway. It's weird that this mixup has just gone on for a year? There are tons of people searching for remote jobs and I have to believe at least a few other people ignored the Oregon listings because, well, they listed a real town!

(image: Pegrowe62 (CC BY-SA 4.0)