The original kilogram can be yours with this cool, stunningly accurate recreation

Americans are mostly oblivious to the metric system, so it likely comes as a big surprise that the kilogram is more than just a measurement of weight or even an idea. 

Back in 1879, the kilogram became an actual, physical object. Expert craftsmen in Britain literally created the prototype for the modern kilogram, a golf-ball sized object created from platinum and iridium to be the real-world embodiment of what a kilogram weighed. That construct was the actual physical object against which all definitions of what a kilogram was weighed against. For over a century, that historical scientific artifact was kept heavily secured in a French vault. 

But now, this DeskTech Tungsten Cylinder Kilogram Prototype offers a stunningly accurate historic recreation of one of the most important objects in modern world history. This fun gift idea or conversation-starter — brought to life by backers on Indiegogo — could be one of the most unique items you ever give or own.

While this version of the prototype isn't created with 90 percent platinum (which would make every reproduction worth thousands of dollars), it is crafted in every measure to look and feel just like that original cylinder.

Made from tungsten, one of the densest and hardest materials on Earth, this loving recreation has all the same density properties and dimensions of the original. That means that in addition to its scientific importance, this object is likely to be one of the heaviest objects of its size that you'll ever encounter. 

Using a polished nickel plating to reproduce the unusual polished sheen of the original, this replica also comes with a stylish, custom-made glass bell jar that both protects the cylinder while offering the object a laboratory-like feel.

While the cylinder is undoubtedly beautiful, those with an interest in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) will likely take special note. It's sure to make students, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and creatives everywhere truly geek out over its coolness. 

Right now, the DeskTech Tungsten Cylinder Kilogram Prototype, usually priced at $199, is now almost 20 percent off, or only $159.95.

Prices subject to change.