The Planter's NUTmobile is looking for drivers

If you're planning your midlife crisis and too tired to date a younger person and too broke to buy a sports car, might I suggest you take the road less traveled and apply to drive the Planter's NUTmobile instead?

The NUTmobile is perhaps less well-known than its spiritual twin The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, but its debut technically precedes its more active counterpart by a year. An enterprising Planters salesman built and used the first one in 1935.


In 2011, Planters unveiled an eco version of the NUTmobile to celebrate its "Naturally Remarkable" campaign. This new vehicle was powered by biodiesel, solar panels, a wind turbine, and has a floor made from reclaimed barn wood.

The newest NUTmobile is likely similar to the 2014 model: a 26-foot-long fiberglass peanut featuring smart technology and customized interior.

If you get the job, please come pick me up on your way out of town!