This décor piece brings the Moon to your desk in stunningly accurate detail

With space-mania at an unquestioned high thanks to the rousing success of NASA's Mars Perseverance mission, it's time to represent and pay respects to the ingenuity of the human race. 

Anybody can say they love space. Anybody can watch Apollo 13 or The Right Stuff and feel the tingle. But not everybody can step up and bring a little bit of the Moon right to their desk. The Lunar Surface is an incredibly cool add for any fan of man's exploration of the cosmos and a true guaranteed conversation starter.

Created from jewelry-grade concrete, The Lunar Surface is a stunningly accurate 3D representation of the moon's surface that you can literally hold in your hand. Using actual NASA 3D scan data from their Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the artisans at Deskspace have crafted the most detailed recreation of the surface of Earth's moon ever made.

At nearly four inches squared, this reproduction vividly recreates the moon's surface in minute detail, featuring dozens of the iconic impact craters that instantly showcases the orb's evolution over millions and millions of years. 

When placed on the hand-finished, precision machine space-grade aluminum base, this stunning piece can rest safely on your desk, offering endless moments of diversion as you stare at its pockmarked surface and imagine. We'd also recommend swinging a light around, across, and over this recreation, allowing the various angles of the light to cast all different looks at what it would actually be like to travel across the moon's surface.

Wherever you decide to display your Lunar Surface, it's going to prompt comments from visitors, so you better bone up on all your NASA lore and Capricorn One trivia to be ready.

This desktop edition is regularly $119, but right now, you can save almost 25 percent and get this gorgeous piece for only $89.95. It's also available as a larger 7-inch wall-sized version that is also on sale, now just $114.95.

Prices subject to change.