Red Sonja artist Frank Thorne dead at 90

Frank Thorne, the legendary comic book artist most famed for his work reviving Red Sonja in the 1970s, is dead at 90. Former DC Comics president Paul Levitz writes:

Bidding farewell to Frank Thorne, an artist who progressively developed his style into a more and more personal expression. I had the pleasure of working with Frank in his later DC days, when he did some magnificent work for the mystery titles, and stepped in to pencil for Jim Aparo on The Spectre, matching his storytelling approach carefully to Jim's.

But Frank had the best time of his career on Marvel's Red Sonja, who he made both powerful and sexy," he continued. "He was probably the first working mainstream [artist] to revel in [cosplay], becoming the Wizard who acted with Wendy Pini's Sonja at show after show. A man of talent, charm and great wit. Good journey onward, Frank, you will be long remembered.