Holyoke officer who exposes police corruption in video gets suspended

Rafael Roca, a former US Marine who became a Holyoke, MA police officer in 2016, released this 43-minute video on Sunday exposing the corruption in his department. He has since been suspended for refusing to take the video down.

"I'm here to make this video to expose the corruption, and the lies, and the injustice that is taking place within the police department in Holyoke, Massachusetts," he says at the start of the video. Becoming a police officer was his "life long dream" but that dream was "quickly affected" and "hurt" by the corruption and racism of police officers, which "goes back to as long as anyone can remember."

He calls out corrupt officers, including the "corrupt police chief, and he is out to get me…" He also talks about the "vast misrepresentation when it comes to minority police officers."

From Daily Dot:

He calls outgoing Police Chief Manny Febo "corrupt," contending minorities are routinely passed over for upper-tier assignments and disciplined at higher rates. He also alleged gross negligence by Febo and his "favorites."

Roca also suggests the state attorney general or the FBI should look into his claims against Febo and the department.

"Yeah, they didn't waste any time. They took my gun and my badge and kicked me out of the email system," Roca said on Monday, according to MassLive. "I'll probably lose my job, but I'm good. I stand behind the video and what I said in it."