Learn how to use Ableton Live 11 like an industry pro for $35 with these courses

If you love music, then you likely had Feb. 23 circled on your calendar for a long time. No, it wasn't an album release or concert date. It's the day music makers were finally able to get their hands on Ableton Live 11, one of the most powerful music production tools ever created.

The latest version of the industry-leading digital audio workstation, Ableton 11 adds on to everything that already made the Ableton series such a hit, including new instruments like brass and string quartets and new features like the ability to link multiple tracks together, with the ability to edit them all at once.

It looks a little different, but Ableton still retains the power of a fully-stocked recording studio right in your laptop for recording and engineering production-quality tracks, even without a proper studio in sight. With The Complete Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Bundle, music engineers and recording pros at any skill level can get the complete 411 on everything this app can do.

The training is thorough, with eight courses filled with over 11 hours of instruction in how to get the most out of everything Ableton has to offer. It all starts with the three-part Introduction Class, sessions geared toward helping absolute beginners feel comfortable in the Ableton environment. With just a little bit of training, newbies can quickly grasp the basics for creating audio clips, simple track editing, building arrangements, and more before taking on advanced skills like pulling off cool production tricks like punch recording and loop recording.

Of course, the basics are hardly enough to keep music-thirsty creators happy, so further courses plunge even deeper into the bag of engineering tricks, featuring tutorials on how to accomplish everything from warping audio to creating perfect drum beats to how to automate before portions of the production process. There's also a deep dive into the dos and don'ts of audio mixing, which will even help learners understand all the music altering properties in one of those massive EQ channel mixers.

With their production skills on point, this collection wraps with a pair of courses aimed at imparting some real music theory as students learn what it takes to write instrumentation and lyrics, then blend them together.

This all-inclusive Complete Ableton Live 11 Music Production Essentials Bundle is a $1,600 value, but right now, it's available for a fraction of that total, only $35.99.

Prices subject to change.