Outrageous Trump was easy to tease, but how do we laugh at Biden? Randy Rainbow shows us how!

Before breaking out in song, parody savant Randy Rainbow first "interviews" president Joe Biden on his "RR News" segment, and it's this part of the video – a full minute and a half – that is by far the funniest.

Seconds before the "interview," he confidentially asks Biden, "Could you, maybe at some point, just like curse, or say something completely looney tunes, or offensive? The other guy used to do that and it made this whole thing a little funnier." In response to Rainbow's question, the vacant expression on Biden's face is priceless.

"I'm just trying to work with you here," Rainbow says, controlling his irritation. His humdrum back and forth with Biden lulls Rainbow into into a snooze, in which he has a terrifying dream of the ex-prez, only to wake up and find himself back with the stony faced Biden. Rainbow's own expressions and reactions to the new president are, as always, comically brilliant.

Eventually Rainbow does break into song, "Mr. Biden (Bring My Vaccine)," a parody of 1954's "Mr. Sandman," sung by the Chordettes (among others). It's fun and amusing, but not as strong as some of his pokes during the Trump administration. In fact, it makes me wonder if Randy should branch out into comedy skits on their own, separately from his music videos.