Someone's selling a "haunted" acoustic guitar for $666

This rare possessed axe is being sold by American Vintage & Boutique Music Emporium in New Lebanon, Ohio. According to Reverb:

A kid that lived on my street when I was growing up was rumored to be into devil worship, seances, Aleister Crowley, Black Magic, and other dark endeavors of the Spirit World. (Oddly, despite the youth's somewhat dweebish demeanor and philistine penchant for putrid proclivities, he was quite popular: All the boys in the neighborhood wanted to be him, while the girls foolishly thought that they could change him.)

I later learned that this neophyte necromancer was born in June of '66, and died tragically on Halloween, October 31, 1979, when he was just thirteen years old. His death has never been solved, but the calamitous kid was found lying on his bed with THIS GUITAR draped across him, apparently electrocuted, even though this is an acoustic guitar!

Years later, I ran into the defunct boy's mother (herself a propagating practitioner of the Pagan arts), and when I informed her that I was a professional guitarist, she offered me her devilish, daisy-pushin' son's git-fiddle.

Here's how the "possessed" part reportedly manifests:

Since I've owned this guitar I've heard the strings discordantly ring out, despite no one being near the guitar. Further, on three occasions I put the guitar in my bedroom closet, only to find the guitar on my bed when I returned home (and I live alone!). The final straw occurred when I saw the guitar levitate out of the trash can I had somberly placed it in.

There's no branding on the headstock, so the seller doesn't know what kind of guitar it once was before the Divil 'itself got ahold of it. But he did include this lovely detail about the ritualistic Satanic murder of his 13-year-old neighbor:

Additionally, when the damnable corpse of this soulless stooge of Satan was eventually discovered, a 45 record of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper" was playing repeatedly on the Mephistophelean moppet's GE Wildcat record changer!! A Swanson TV Dinner–Turkey with all the "fixin's"–remained uneaten, while the air was thick with the acrid smell of sulfur emanating from some perverse potion the young hellion had been mixing with his Li'l Gilbert Chemistry Set. The licentious lad's Farrah Fawcett Swimsuit Poster mockingly stared down upon the dead boy, as if to say, "See you in hell, Buster!" Somewhere, a hellhound hailing from the bowels of Hades howled horrendously into the unhallowed hellish night.

Seems legit.

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