These Zap It Electric Rackets raise your bug-killing game to new heights

Fly swatters are an exercise in futility. You stand there with a ridiculous piece of floppy plastic in your hand, flailing wildly to smack a microscopic bug who always dodges, then undoubtedly laughs his little bug face off at your general incompetence.

Flies are bad enough, but when the stakes raise to little bloodsucking mosquitoes, stinging bees, and other insects that can turn a nice backyard evening or camping trip into an episode of Survivor, your flimsy swatter seems even more pathetically outgunned. However, those pests won't be laughing after you wheel out the heavy artillery, or as the professionals call 'em, the Zap It! Electric Bug Zapping Rackets.

The Zap It is a brilliant level-up to your arsenal, a fully-juiced racket that comes positively crackling with 4,000 volts of raw insect-disintegrating power. That's enough electricity to fry flies, mosquitoes, and other brands of little winged pests instantly with a single swing.

And the Zap It is no passive weapon either, emitting an intoxicating blue light that immediately attracts insects, who just as immediately wish that it hadn't. The racket face itself is actually triple layered with a safety mesh that makes sure you never suffer any accidental zaps, which would definitely only encourage your insect foes.

Each racket charges via USB, powering up for a full 24 hours with the ability to unleash up to 10,000 zaps. Your biggest problem is going to be deciding where to stack all the insect corpses as a warning to their surviving kinfolk. This is a war you absolutely will never lose again.

Armed with a pair of Zap It! Electric Bug Zapping Rackets, you and your family and friends will never have to suffer through another unprovoked transgression from the insect kingdom. At least, not without making them pay dearly for the effort. 

The pair of rackets retail for $39, but because we like you, we'll zap 10 percent off the total so you can enjoy bug-free personal space for only $35.99. It's the least we can do.

Prices subject to change.