A deep dive into the German and UK editions of The Beatles Collection BC13

You probably have to be a true vinyl and audio engineering nerd to care about this video. In it, Andrew from Parlogram Auctions spends 20 minutes comparing the UK and German editions of the infamous BC13 Stereo Box Set of The Beatles catalog.

When I lived with Patch Adams (I was the Asst. Director of his healthcare community for ten years), he owned a German version of BC13. Every year, I would find a new Beatles biography (or book about The Beatles) and read it while listening to their entire catalog, front to back. It was a fun Spring ritual.

I have never heard the UK edition, but the German pressings were amazing. On a good stereo system, with good headphones, each listen was a little trip to heaven.

In the end, Andrew rates both sets about equal in sound quality, although some of the production values on the box, sleeves, and other packaging seem higher on the German set.

Image: YouTube