Man running for office in Japan has Joker makeup and an unusual platform

Yuusuke Kawai is running for governor of Japan's Chiba Prefecture (pop. 6.3 million). Here he is on NHK to tell voters what he plans to do, as translated by Kotaku:

  • Build a red tower, like Tokyo Tower in Chiba, but name it Tokyo Tower (his reasoning is that Tokyo Disneyland is not actually located in Tokyo, but Chiba—payback, I guess!)
  • Rename Narita Airport, which is located in Chiba, as Disney Sky
  • Make "Let It Go" from Frozen Chiba's theme song
  • Outlaw the word "trash" in Chiba and replace it with the words "star fragment"
  • Refer to the rabble-rousers, for which Chiba is known, by the cuter sounding "Olaf"
  • Rename Makuhari Station as "Makuhari Messe Isn't Here Station"

Why does Japan get the normal politicians, while the U.S. gets the wacky ones like Marjorie Taylor Greene?