When Fox's Peter Doocy asks Jen Psaki a stupid question, he gets the Jen Psaki treatment

Fox's out-of-touch White House correspondent Peter Doocy had apparently never seen Press Secretary Jen Psaki in action before. Conflating schools with migrant shelter facilities, he asked her in cocky Fox-style irritation why schools don't open to full capacity when the CDC tells them they can, even though many migrant shelters have opened. And Psaki being Psaki gave him one of her snappy, unflustered, clearly outlined responses.

All in one perfectly wrapped 2-minute package, she asks the unprepared reporter for examples of which schools he's talking about (which of course he doesn't have), adult-splains how the school opening process works, has a chuckle at his faulty reasoning, and while she's at it, even manages to "highlight the good work of the Biden administration," as one commenter put it. When will these bad faith reporters ever learn?